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Mortimer banking on TV jackpot

WHICHEVER club signs Daniel Mortimer will get him for only two years, with his management set to position the 20-year-old potential superstar to take advantage of an anticipated dramatic increase in the NRL salary cap because of a monster television rights deal.

A Stands For Anticipation

IT'S going to be a wonderful year. Oh, we may lose our jobs and our homes, but to balance the misery there'll be unprecedented opportunities for escapism - on half-price Tuesdays at the multiplex, in the little Lebanese tapas trattoria round the corner and via the big-screen TV we more

Pay Tv

Judge John Deed UK-TV, 8.30pm That's Showbiz (1953) Aurora, 8.30pm Gene Simmons: Family Jewels Bio, 9.30pm

Gulliver's Travels Lead To Rookie-of-year Title

HE is built more like a Lilliputian than a giant but 11-year-old Hayden Gulliver already stands head and shoulders above most of his rivals.

Political Lies Hide The Strange Truth

This election campaign is more about personalities than policies. Kevin Rudd keeps saying he stands for "fresh ideas". What is the fresh idea? It's Kevin Rudd. He's sold himself as a younger John Howard - change without change.
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